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They are all the same thing. Everyone should be doing this type of training. You may not be old, but one day you will be, particularly if you look after your health. We know that a regular strength training program preserves and increases your muscle and bone mass...

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Chia Seeds – Is this just another “fad” food?

The chia plant is native to Mexico and the seeds which are small (either white or black) are an oilseed.  They are high in linoleic acid and can reduce your risk of developing heart disease.  This fatty acid helps your body absorb fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K...

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Fruit and Vegetables – more is better!

New studies have found that increasing your daily intake of fruit to five serves a day, and your daily intake of vegetables to ten, reduces the risk of heart disease by eight per cent, a stroke by fifteen per cent, and cancer by nine per cent!

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