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Personal Fitness Training

Peak Performance teaches you how to train correctly – so whatever you are training for e.g. a sports event, a wedding, any special occasion or just for yourself, my personal training in the Peak Performance private studio will help you reach your goals. You will enjoy the feeling of being fitter which transfers to a high level of well-being, energy and confidence.

All sessions are varied but challenging and fun.  Using different equipment and training methods to keep stimulating your body and mind will bring about both physical and mental improvements.  My experience will always bring to you all the benefits training can give you.


Pre and post natal advice including how to exercise whilst pregnant, build and maintain bone mass, build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat, appropriate exercise for older women, stress relief and reduced feelings of depression and anxiety. I have “first-hand” experience on most of these and am able to advise you how to incorporate and maintain a specific exercise regime for yourself.

And realistically, can you do this on your own?  Most likely NOT!