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For many years nutritionists advised eating five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit each day.

However, new studies have found that increasing your daily intake of fruit to five serves a day, and your daily intake of vegetables to ten, reduces the risk of heart disease by eight per cent, a stroke by fifteen per cent, and cancer by nine per cent. That’s a pretty good return for eating a few extra fruit and vegies!

Increased intake of fruit and vegetables also boosts your immune system, and has positive impacts on cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

So how can we eat more fruit and vegetables?

Easy!  Start with having greens at breakfast – cooked spinach with eggs, topped off with a grilled tomato.

Throw out those chocolate bars and drink green smoothies for snacks – get some avocado, spinach, banana, celery, and blend them so no fibre is lost.

Increase the salad in your lunchtime sandwich, and cook some sweet potato chips, or eat carrots with hummus for afternoon tea.

And it goes without saying that we eat a big serve of vegetables or salad with dinner!