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How many people are confused about what to eat to be healthy? And what exercise to do.

We have more information available than ever before on both what to eat and how to train which is leading to more mis-information than ever! How can this be and also, why is the population becoming more overweight than ever? The numbers are alarming.

I would like to simplify a couple of things to help you ……..fad diets do not work in the long term, being extreme either way has the same result, and trying the “quick fix” all end with the same non-result. So how about considering this? Eat whole foods and dump the processed cardboard “stuff”. It will be easier than you are imagining and yes it tastes so good. Try it for a week …….. and exercise how do we know what to do? Start with doing anything to get your heart and lungs pumping, then vary that to another form of exercise ……. and if you need advice you know who to call. Try this method for a few weeks combined with whole foods, you will be amazed at two things – how much better you feel and how it isn’t too hard.

Good luck but give it a go.