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Improve your posture, strength, balance and flexibility with a fun exercise regime that’s suitable for everyone.

We all spend so long sitting at computers and using phones every day that we are forgetting how to use our core. This leaves us imbalanced and susceptible to injury.

Bec’s Pilates classes can help restore the balance, strengthening your back and abdomen, improving your posture, and increasing flexibility, motion range and circulation.

You’ll find your neck, back and joint pains decreasing, and you’ll have a more focused mind.

Pilates is fun and safe for everyone, whether you’re a sport professional, white collar worker or retiree.

Bec’s classes are one hour long, at these times:
•    Monday, 6.30pm.
•    Tuesday, 6.30pm – Yoga class
•    Friday, 6.15pm.
•    Saturday, 9am.

Everyone is welcome, but bookings are essential.

Call Bec on 0418 881 615 to join in the fun!